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For Corporates

We are bringing together the corporate world with the tech start up community to deliver innovation faster than ever before. We are all about outcomes and not tech wizardry despite having a strong tech pedigree ourselves. Let us show you what can be achieved in just 90 days by working alongside our amazing tech start up community.

For Start Ups

We bring you great opportunities to work alongside some of the worlds most respected brands. Commercial contracts, access to funding and PR are all up for grabs for the winners of each innovation challenge we issue. We can help you grow and reach new customers faster.  Our network has proven to be great for giving start ups access to the people you need solutions like yours.

For Investors

If you are looking to engage with some of the fastest growing tech start ups in the UK we can help.

Innovation Exchange

Is our platform where corporates can issue innovation challenges to the start up community. Any start up that can deliver a product or service to solve the challenge will have an opportunity to secure a commercial contract with the issuing corporate, permission to publicly reference the contract and receive an introduction to funders (should you need one).