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We love helping organisations to innovate faster.  We achieve this by engaging highly relevant start ups who can deliver rapid programs of innovation.  This may sound far fetched but it’s reality.  The tech start up community is full of amazing talent and solutions that can cut years off your legacy technology roadmaps.   But where do WE start ? especially when YOU already receive hundreds of calls and emails each week from companies claiming they have the best thing since sliced bread which you must see!!

We take this hassle away from you by engaging the tech start up community via a structured process. Meaning you will only meet companies who have huge relevance to you and your organisation.

So how do we do this ?  We help you create ideas for your business that will have a meaningful impact.   We then issue your requirement via a challenge process to the start up community and begin the search and matching process.   The most relevant start ups who can deliver against your brief are then introduced to you via a series of pitches which we manage for you.  A short list is drawn up and the pilot phase commences (should you need one). The pilot phase will confirm the technological and cultural fit of the start ups for your organisation. If at the end of the pilot(s) you have found someone who can meet the criteria set out in your challenge, the commercial contract phase begins and you get ready to start your new relationship together.  We aim to take you from the ideas phase to deploying a pilot within just 90 days.

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