A UK FTSE listed corporate organisation with a presence in the construction industry is looking to embark on a major programme of transformation to become a Digital Centric Business. A key component of this programme of change is to seek solutions to help them transform over 1 million existing dumb assets into smart assets.

The solution is being sought by the CIO who has the support of the main board to find suitable suppliers who could work with their company under a commercial contract. This request is being issued to the technology start-up community by Battenberg Inc on behalf of the corporate. We are seeking responses from anyone who feels they already have / could create a solution to fulfill the solution criteria outlined below. If your offering doesn’t match the requirement, but you have an idea to develop something that would wow our client, we’d love to hear about that as well.

Deadlines, Next Steps to Participate & Beyond

The deadline for submissions is now closed for Phase 1.

Following a review of the responses the corporate will identify a short list of potential suppliers or withdraw their request if no suitable suppliers can be found. It is envisaged that the short listed suppliers will be invited to meet the corporate in April to pitch their solution in person. If a suitable supplier can be sought from this process the corporate will engage directly with the supplier and start their due diligence phase. This will include commercial contractual discussions and a potential pilot of the proposed solution. Suppliers will be notified via email if they have / have not been selected for the short list in March. Please note: any Intellectual Property submitted by the supplier during this entire process, but prior to any commercial contracts being signed with the corporate, remain the property of the supplier.


Our corporate client has over one million physical assets, (350,000 are already itemised by individual asset numbers which are recorded in their database) these are predominantly deployed in the construction industry and used on a daily basis throughout the UK & Ireland. The assets themselves vary in size, complexity and value. To give two extreme examples: a 1000 KVA generator through to a hand held cordless drill.

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